A wearable that can do it all: My CES 2017 wish

You can have kick-ass fitness tracking or a stylish design, but we’ve yet to see wearables that offer the complete package. Here’s hoping that changes.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, you’ll see two types of wearable technology, shown in two very distinct areas of the show floor.

The first type is the fitness-tracking device, designed to measure your steps, your strides, your strokes and your stamina.

These wearables boast the latest sensor technology to measure everything from the impact your feet make on the pavement when you run to how many hoops you shoot with your friends. There are plenty of watches and wrist bands, but you’ll also find these sensors crammed in sneakers, sunglasses, bike helmets and even ski vests.

Then, you’ve got the other kind of wearable. These are the designer “pieces” that sparkle on your wrist, clip to your lapel or hang, pendant-like, from that imitation gold necklace that looks like it’s worth $300.

The Misfit Ray offers simple fitness tracking and notifications. Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

While the tech under the hood isn’t game-changing, you’ll certainly spot those new gadgets among the noise of the next CES, coming up the first week in January, hard after the holidays, as fashion bloggers breathlessly opine that they represent the next wave in luxury tech. (Note: Nothing dulls the sense of “luxury” like watching a CES booth attendant madly flop out hundreds of plastic-wrapped Swarovski watch bands in the early hours before the booth opens.)

But I don’t want to spend a cool hundred bucks on a faux-gold, step-tracking pendant — just like I don’t want to fork out for a gritty-looking commando watch to track my epic cardio sesh.

I want a wearable that does both.

Here’s my wearable wish list:

  • Accurate GPS
  • Realistic step tracking
  • Smart sensors to accurately track biometrics, like heart rate
  • Simple app integration that shows my workout on my phone (why exercise if I can’t boast?)
  • Notifications for calls, messages and social media
  • A sleek body that doesn’t make it look like a standard Soviet-issue chronograph and/or sundial

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