500,000 Galaxy Note 7 returned

Potentially explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries are now safely out of US consumers’ hands, because Half of Samsung’s defective.


 It seems that the vast majority of those people are willing to trust Samsung’s Note 7 again: 90 percent of them decided to exchange their original Note 7 for a new Note 7, instead of opting for a refund or a partial refund along with an alternate Samsung phone.

Couple days after Samsung shipped 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to US retailers — to begin replacing the 1 million sold — the company says that one-half of existing Note 7 owners in the US have returned their original handsets. That’s up from 25 percent two days ago, and 13 percent as of September 15.

Samsung announced replacement Note 7 phones are brand-new, and they include brand-new batteries from a different supplier. Samsung’s giant Galaxy Note 7 recall is far from over, with the other half of US-based Note 7 smartphones still at large.


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