Eid-ul-Azha next 13 September

Bazlul Haque Haroon, the main from the parliamentary position panel upon spiritual matters ministry, introduced Eid-ul-Azha actual day following a conference from the Nationwide Moon-Sighting Panel in the Islamic Basis at night.

Spiritual Matters Assistant Maryland Abdul Jalil had been additionally existing presently there. Haroon stated Zil-Hajj will begin upon Weekend since the Moon-Sighting Panel obtained absolutely no statement from the celestial satellite becoming sighted any place in Bangladesh. Therefore, the actual Eid is going to be famous upon Sep 13, the actual tenth associated with Zil-Hajj, tagging the finish associated with Hajj pilgrimage. Within Saudi Arabic along with other Center Eastern nations, the actual Eid-ul-Azha is going to be famous upon Sep 12. The actual Hajj rituals will begin upon Sep 11.


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