Cruz and Trump Endorsing to boost Republican Party

Proving politics makes strange bedfellows, Republican presidential nominee Ted Cruz warmly Endorsing of his arch rival even when many of the strong supporters denounced the move. 

Number of Cruz supporters denounced the move, Trump wasted little time in basking in the endorsement, calling it “a wonderful surprise” in a tweet early Saturday, and predicted a victory in November’s election.

Late last Friday, Cruz shocked the political community by publicly supporting Trump, only few months after he declined to do so in a prime time speech at the GOP Convention and after a barrage of personal attacks poison the well between the two.

The unexpected development came days before the pivotal first presidential debate. It appeared positioned to help Republicans salve the wounds of a bitter primary, and close ranks to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Despite attacks on both his wife and father, the Cruz said he and his family decided to forgive Trump. Many of Cruz’s more prominent supporters are not so willing to forget and forgive.

Setting aside his bitter rivalry with Trump, Cruz cast his decision as a carefully considered, principled bid to deny Clinton the presidency. The first term Texas senator cited Obamacare, Supreme Court nominations and the economy as factors behind his move.

However, that argument was a tough sell for many of voters who backed his insurgent acts in the U.S. Senate and his presidential bid. A few said Cruz’s endorsement of Trump vindicated Cruz’s sharpest critics—several of whom accused him of opportunism.

Caleb Howe, the managing editor of Red State, a conservative-leaning publication that is a fount of ‘Never Trump’ sentiment, branded Cruz’s endorsement as ‘Tedmaggedon’ in a post early Saturday.

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