10 Most Horrific Rituals Forced On Women Around The World

Throughout history, we’ve had a natural tendency to define our diverse cultures with vibrant rituals and practices, some of which have persisted into the modern era (like birthdays). Unfortunately—and especially in underdeveloped countries—many of these traditions are violent and come at the expense of women. With so much technological and social progress, one would think we’ve moved past these sorts of things. But once you see the list 10 horrific rituals forced on women below, you’ll realize the human race still has a long way to go.

Evening The Score


While in many places around the globe, womens’ rights have made up some great distance, especially in recent years and decades, there still remains many places where rituals are brutally inflicted upon them.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at childhood marriages…

Teeth Chiseling


Those of the Mentawai tribe of Sumatra, happen to believe that women who have pointy teeth are more attractive than those who do not, and so you can guess what happens as a result.

Apparently, the young women do not even receive any sort of sedative to numb the pain!

Neck Stretching


Like the Mentawai, the Karen tribe of Thailand also have their own thoughts about what makes a women beautiful, only this time, it’s a very long neck.

Breast Ironing

Forced Tattoos


In some remote tribes of Brazil and Paraguay, women are forced to have tattoos on their breasts, stomachs and backs, all in the name of making them supposedly more attractive.

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