10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones

When we go back in past few years we think that technology was as much advance as in this era but it rapidly made success which was so necessary in this world.

As we talk about Mobile or telephone which were very rare in past days but after some success scientist only made wireless phones which revolutionized the life of people but after the invention of Mobile phone it made people mad by its feature and working because with help of this person can talk to anybody on any place they are now like a mini computers which can be hold in hand.

Now they are become most important for everybody in this world therefore they are available of cheap as well as expensive prices But some phones are most expensive in this world. So here is list of top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world 2016.

10: Vertu Signature Diamond ($88,300)

As it is clear from name of Mobile phone Vertu Signature Diamond so it is most expensive mobile phone because its price is very high which is about 88,300 dollars but this mobile device is not so much advance because it has no special features and its high price does not depends upon its features but its diamond color which look amazing in hand so it is special made for rich people because it suits on someone’s ego So this mobile phone is made up of platinum and it is been claimed by the makers of this phone with hand with best assemble process because made of hand not machines So due to its high price company has made only 200 pieces of this pretty and fancy cell phone.

9: iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400)

As it is also famous that mobiles phones of Apple are already expensive all over the world because of their special specifications and features because they use operating system instead of android. As name of this mobile phone iphone Princess Plus this device is also like a of princess because it is so beauty and elegant to watch and use but it is not so much different from all other iphones that make it top expensive mobile phone in the world but due to its price which is 176,400 dollars it is most expensive mobile device as this is designed by Peter Aloisson. This mobile is made of with 180 cut diamond and 138 cut princess and these diamonds are also of special quality as this device.

8: Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone ($300,000)


Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone is made by famous mobile company Sony Ericsson which is in the top list of most expensive mobile as this mobile is made of Jaren Goh and it is considered as most stylish mobile by this company. So it has also many features like Polycarbonate mirror, mirror detailing and organic LED technology is used in this because when the name of Sony comes nobody can able to challenge Screen of this mobile but its mainly price is due to its two Diamonds which one is one navigation button and other is on the back of device so price of this mobile phone is 300,000 dollars which is so much expensive.

7: Vertu Signature Cobra ($310,000)

Vertu Signature Cobra
Vertu Signature Cobra Mobile phone as it is clear from its name it has something like cobra which include in design of this phone so that is it slides which are like of Cobra so it is included in its name as well. So this draped at slides is made of Four hundred and nine pure rubies and two beautiful emeralds like shape of eye so this master piece is also installed into a special cover which is also like a protector for this special device So this phone is also made for rich people who has to go in many high profile meetings and parties so this will able them to increase their personality and will absolutely gain attention of people towards him. So price of this master piece is about 310,000 dollars.

6: Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($ 1 million)

So there is no need to introduce this Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot mobile device because it is in its name that it will so much expensive mobile so name of this device accurately describe the price of this master piece which is about 1 million dollars as it is first mobile who reaches this price in mobile phones. It is made of many bleach diamond which is not enough to make it unique and expensive but its price is mainly due to bleach African wood that is about 200 years old and as much expensive as gold or diamond so it has also beautiful key board but this mobile phone has no so much specifications and features as many other smart phones have.

5: Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 million)

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto Smartphone is also specially made for all rich and high profile people who just use this type of expensive mobile phone to got attention and to their personality because price of this mobile phone is more than million dollars which is about 1.3 million dollars therefore it is most expensive mobile phone because power encryption technology is used in this device so it is mostly used for the protection of information because it is more secure mobile device to secure information. It is made of pure and solid platinum with 18 carat gold navigation key in which 28 cut diamonds used as sides of this mobile are also decorated with 25.5 princess diamonds and instead of all these diamonds 8 more diamonds are also fixed in this device.

4: GoldVish Le Million ($ 1.3 million)


GoldVish Le Million mobile phone as it has name in which Gold and Million is used so it is as much expensive as this is clear in its name as this mobile device is made and manufactured by great designer Emmanuel Gueit and this device is launched in beautiful country Switzerland. This mobile is made of special and pure white gold of 18 carat which is installed with VVS1 graded diamond of 120 carat. As it is so special mobile device so only 100 pieces of this mobile is made by company because it is only made of special request so in back 2006 a great business man from Russia bought this special beautiful mobile for 1 million Euros and his name also wrote in world’s Guiness book for purchasing expensive of world So price of this mobile is 1.3 million Dollars.

3: iPhone 3G King’s Button ($ 1.5 million)

Iphone 3G King’s Button is also most expensive mobile phone and on 3rd position in list of most expensive mobile phones as it is in name that is Button which means Home Button which is made of high Quality 6.6 carat diamond that gives more beauty to this mobile phone and considered as most luxurious phone. Instead of all this material it is also made of pure 18 carat yellow gold, white as well as rose gold there it is o expensive mobile phone device as price of this beautiful luxurious mobile phone id about 1.5 million Dollars So its price is mainly due to Diamonds which are 138 and also its home beautiful diamond button which gives it so much grace as well.

2: iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15.3 Million)


IPhone 5 Black Diamond as all of us know that iphone devices are expensive but this mobile device is most expensive with so much expensive rate that is 15.3 million dollars and second in rank for most expensive mobile phone devices. As we know that black diamonds are rarest in this world that are used in this mobile phone So price of this device is also like that of black diamond which is 2nd highest in this world so instead of Black diamond, other types of diamonds are all used in this device. Gold, Diamonds and many other expensive stones which are rare used I this device that make it popular as well as most expensive So it has only one or may be two pieces of this device in this world.

1: Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ($95.5 Million)


Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iphone 6 is a latest model which is also most expensive mobile device and 1st rank in this list which is under discussion So this device do not have so many diamonds which are on this device as in all devices as discussed but only one huge 18 carat diamond which is able to catch the eye of some body on it is in this device which is of two colors that are pink or may blue but it is mainly says that diamond is of pink color cheaper designs of this mobile device also has more than 48 million dollars price So its name also clear its price which is about 95.5 million dollars and it is most expensive mobile in the world.


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